05 September 2007


OK, I did it. I broke down and went (with friends) all the way to Scottsdale, so that I could properly experience Lush Cosmetics, and MAN OH MAN! Am I glad I did! Despite being conveniently located in my home, Lush's internet boutique simply does not do it justice.

Firstly, the store looks, from the outside, like hippie paradise and smells like a little corner of Heaven. All the products are handmade from lovely plant *stuff* that works miracles on your skin. Their face masks are squishy and contain such ingredients as lettuce and seaweed. Need proof of their homemade-ness: you have to store them in the fridge (just like food...and one of the masks I got looks like nothing so much as hummus, so take my advice and look twice before you dip in your pita bread).

Lush's bath bombs and bubble bars are just delicious, too... And, yes, I'll admit it: My favorite thing about Lush is the names of their products. How can you resist the thought of slathering yourself with something called Dream Cream, Shimmy Shimmy, Schnuggle, Skinny Dip, or Silky Underwear?


  1. My, my dear friend. I do believe you have found your soulmate. When you close your eyes and envision heaven, does it look a great deal like Lush? I used to get the catalog but it's newspaper quaility doesn't seem to do justice to the wonder that Lush. I will gladly venture there with you once I finally make it to AZ!

  2. Yay! Because Nikki stood outside the whole time and made me feel rushed. :-(