27 February 2010

Clarisonic Face Brush

Got mine yesterday (happy birthday to me, a month early...thank you Mama!). I had to charge it all night, so I couldn't use it until this morning. My, oh my. I love it. I'm hopeful that my skin will benefit from it, and that my pores will go AWAY soon. The only drawback thus far is really minimal: when I wash my nose, the vibrating makes me sneeze.

Living proof.

full thickening cream

To be honest, I'm not altogether sure why I bought this product. I walked into Sephora with a specific purpose, but then saw these adorable little bottles all standing in little lines, so I was intrigued. Amanda, I thought of you instantly, because they will blend perfectly with your bathroom decor.

Also, my hair is curly, but it's pretty fine...and it's much flatter out here in Arizona, what with the lack of humidity and all. So, I thought it could possibly benefit from some body and volume.

While I was talking to the Sephora lady about it, she told me that I shouldn't use it with any other products that contain silicone. The leave-in conditioner that I've been using for over a decade, and which I love (Biosilk Silk Therapy) does contain silicone. Sad face. But, luckily for me, Living proof makes a leave-in conditioner, too.

It's called frizz (only I can't figure out how to use the strikethrough function, so just imagine that it's there). So far, I love both products. My hair is fuller, but it's not enormous, just normal. The other great thing is that the product doesn't make my hair hard, and it doesn't flake. It just feels like hair, and the more I run my fingers through it, the more body it seems to have. It also takes care of the flyaways that I used to have, and it makes the horrible cowlick in the front of my hair controllable.

17 February 2010

kiss me tonight

This is philosophy's version of Neosporin Lip Health. Unlike the drug store product, this one works. Love it.

kiss me

by philosophy

I don't need to discuss again that I'm on a never-ending quest for a product that will stop my lips from peeling. Well, I'm not sure yet whether this product will stop it, but it certainly makes the flaky skin go away.

It's a lip exfoliator, and it tastes like sugar...so I'm guessing that it has sugar in it. I have to stop myself from licking it off my lips.

In addition to scratching off the flaky skin, it also conditions and makes my lips soft. I'm a fan.