13 October 2011

Teaching? Really?

After a brief hiatus, I'm back to blogging.  And as my first order of business, I suppose I should report that Monday, I will begin my first day of teaching.  No, no, I didn't quit my job in a fit of rage and exasperation.  Instead, I decided that perhaps it would be nice to have another outlet for all my non-existent free time.

A while back I sent my resume in to Rio Salado Community College.  It was just a whim, really.  Several friends of mine teach at various community colleges in the valley, so I thought I'd apply and see what happened.  I got a call last week, and lo and behold, got offered a position as an adjunct professor.  I'll be teached PAR102, and if you know anything at all about that class besides that it's a course for paralegals, then you're ahead of me.

It's all online, which is great because that means it won't interfere with 1) my trip to Austin in November, or 2) my holiday plans.  It pays great, so I'm hoping that I love it.

Wish me luck!  And you might want to throw in some wishes for my students.  We all know that I am not the most patient person on the planet.