27 April 2008

And Then We Came to the End

by Joshua Ferris

Reads a little like "Office Space: the book," only with perhaps more of a soul. A very good read about workplace friendships and relationships. The voice and perspective are certainly interesting, and the subject matter moves beyond what you'd expect...just traditional complaints about cubicle workspaces and bad office jibber-jabber. Yes, definitely recommend it.

My Life is Boring

OK, so my last post here was about my new job. Tomorrow, I will celebrate its 6-month anniversary, which in addition to being somewhat satisfying in its own right, has the added benefit of meaning that I am officially off probation. Yay! Now, they have to have a reason to fire me...and though that may seem like an inconsequential milestone to some, it is ever-so important to me, given that I am the only one of the office's most recent three hires to make it off probation. Whew.

What's happened in the last 6 months? Not a whole lot, actually, except that the last month has been fairly eventful. I bought a new car (well, new-ish). A Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo, steel grey, and quite pretty, and from which I derive great joy in driving, although I will admit that I have to separate myself from the fact that now I am one of those SUV drivers about whom I seem to complain non-stop. Though in my own defense, it's really the van drivers I most detest.

And then, there's the funnest news of all: MY TATTOO! She's quite small and ladylike: a red and yellow orchid just below my right ankle. And she makes me smile whenever I look down and see her peeking out from my most serious work shoes. OK, let's be honest, I don't actually own very many pairs of serious work shoes, but she still makes me smile. Who'd have thought?