30 October 2007

My New Job

Anyone reading this blog already knows about the new job, but still, it seemed like the sort of life event that should be recorded here. Yesterday was my first day, and of course, it was filled with all sorts of awful orientation events (including the dreaded introductions, where you have to tell something about yourself. My question: What is my fantasy vacation? In case there's any interest, I said Botswana. The room reacted as if I'd said Jupiter).

30 September 2007

The Constant Gardener

I'm about 50 pages in, so I'll let you know how it turns out. So far: very good.

17 September 2007

How to Be Lost

by Amanda Eyre Ward

I read this at the urging of Nick Hornby, who discusses it in "Housekeeping vs. The Dirt" as one of his monthly reads. Easily one of the best books I've read in quite a while, along with the books I've already discussed.

Eyre Ward explores the dynamic of a family following the disappearance of a child--their pain, of course, but also their abortive attempts to move forward and just get on with their lives. It's told from various points of view-- sometimes through letters, sometimes through flashbacks, sometimes first-person narration (which, honestly, usually isn't my favorite, but it works here, I think...mostly because I didn't find myself constantly questioning/doubting the narrator).

How To Be Good

by Nick Hornby

This is the first piece of Nick Hornby fiction I've read, though I inhaled "The Polysyllabic Spree" and "Housekeeping vs. The Dirt." His fiction is just as good, just as astute, just as spare, thought-provoking and self-validating. Loved every minute, and instantly moved on to "About a Boy."

The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets

by Eva Rice

SCM, can I even begin to thank you for demanding for months that I read this book, and then for shipping it over to me to ensure that I would? It was wonderful...that sort of wonderful that made me feel everything the characters were feeling as they felt it, and the sort of wonderful that made me mourn for days after I'd finished it. Also, there is just something about reading a book whose characters have really perfect names, and Ms. Rice definitely, definitely found some gems.

"Little Children" did the same for me, which is why you will find it in your next package from me.

07 September 2007

To answer your question, Heather, yes, I am quite excited about Fashion Week...

You know, all the time, you hear people say things like, "If I won the lottery, I would..." and then you hear them fill in the blank with something that sounds so ridiculous and contrived and prissy and goody-two-shoes, you just want to slap them. Well, not me; I will tell the truth. If I won the lottery, I'd dress myself and everyone around me in Christian Lacroix Couture. What a colorful, fashionable bunch we would be. Certainly neither prissy nor goody-two-shoes.

Furthermore, I am almost certain that I would be a more effective prosecutor if my suits looked like these: Chanel and Armani Privé. Sure, they're perhaps a little formal, but are the Armani Privé hats not FABULOUS?

I'm also enchanted with Christian Dior Couture, and I can't help but wish that I lived the sort of life that required that manner of dress. It's rather like Ascot on acid. In technicolor. Love it.

05 September 2007


OK, I did it. I broke down and went (with friends) all the way to Scottsdale, so that I could properly experience Lush Cosmetics, and MAN OH MAN! Am I glad I did! Despite being conveniently located in my home, Lush's internet boutique simply does not do it justice.

Firstly, the store looks, from the outside, like hippie paradise and smells like a little corner of Heaven. All the products are handmade from lovely plant *stuff* that works miracles on your skin. Their face masks are squishy and contain such ingredients as lettuce and seaweed. Need proof of their homemade-ness: you have to store them in the fridge (just like food...and one of the masks I got looks like nothing so much as hummus, so take my advice and look twice before you dip in your pita bread).

Lush's bath bombs and bubble bars are just delicious, too... And, yes, I'll admit it: My favorite thing about Lush is the names of their products. How can you resist the thought of slathering yourself with something called Dream Cream, Shimmy Shimmy, Schnuggle, Skinny Dip, or Silky Underwear?

12 August 2007

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes...

suddenly look quite strange. Don't get me wrong: the relationship has seemed strange since it began. But now, the fresh, young, pretty Katie--sporting a layered sweater vest, pleated khakis, and dull, windblown soccer-mom hair--looks like a 40-year old British woman recently returned from horseback riding in the country. I thought Victoria Beckham was on top of this, and I really thought she was the gal for the job. I swear, a few weeks in Germany, and all of Posh's couture education has fallen right out of Katie's mediocre-coiffured head. Speaking of hair, Tom's new haircut is heinously, stupendously terrible and seems to emphasize his shortness (And what is with his outfit? He's either trying to imitate a frat-boy, or he's wishing that he sold real estate for a living...). The best looking one of them is baby Suri, with her to-die-for Burberry dress and adorable little-girl bob. Her parents should get some fashion tips from her stylist.

18 July 2007

House News

Staci shared with me today news that four new actors have been hired to play House's lackeys next season. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about this. I mean, yes: I cannot adequately express my joy that Cameron is gone. And Chase had gotten a little whiny, but he was still tolerable. I'm going to miss Foreman, though.

12 July 2007

My summer reading list...

...is dedicated entirely to Heather White. I just placed an ENORMOUS Amazon.com order, and I think that perhaps every single book is one recommended by her. I'm very excited! There's tons of Barbara Pym, along with The Emperor's Children, Cold Comfort Farm, The Line of Beauty, and Jasper Fforde's The Fourth Bear. Raving reviews to follow soon, I'm sure.

01 May 2007


Today, I shared an elevator with a defense attorney...considerate of me, I know. (You can just tell the defense attorneys from the prosecutors...a practiced eye can even tell the private attorneys from the public defenders. This guy was private. For sure). He commented on my Starbucks muffin, and when I responded, he asked me where I got my "sweet little accent."

I'll admit that I was somewhat reassured by comments like these the first 600 times it happened. At home, no one even thinks I have an accent, so when people here notice the accent, it's nice. But at the same time, I'm pretty sure that when this particular defense attorney decided to ask me about my accent, it never entered his mind that I was 1) educated, and 2) employed by the County Attorney's Office. I also think it rather presumptuous of him to categorize me as "sweet" without even knowing me.

My supervisors tell me that jurors are going to love me. I'm not sure what commentary it is on my lawyering abilities that I'm apparently supposed to depend on a few "y'alls" to win my trials.

24 April 2007


The only mascara that anyone should be allowed to sell, anywhere. Here's how I discovered it:

I went to Nordstrom a few weeks back because I was in the market for a new mascara. Having done my research, I decided to buy Chanel because I read that their new line was *the best* mascara on the market. So, there I am, at the Chanel counter, chirping along with the sales lady, when she tells me that their mascara is out of stock. {whine}

So, I saunter on over to the Dior counter, where I was introduced to DiorShow (in brown), and I love it.


What can I say about Lola lipstick? Well, I can say that it's wonderful and silky, and that it's not tacky or sticky. I can say further that it's appropriately opaque and appropriately matte, and that it accomplishes both without making its wearer look like a hooker, circa 1992. Also, I can say that it comes in so many pretty colors that I had a hard time choosing which to buy (which is saying something, really, because there are some tremendously hideous lipstick shades out there).

I could talk for days about how much I love what's inside the LOLA lipstick tube, but what's really important is the tube itself. See for yourself here: http://www.sephora.com/browse/product.jhtml?id=P35719&categoryId=C15111

My favorite shade: BITTEN!