17 September 2007

How to Be Lost

by Amanda Eyre Ward

I read this at the urging of Nick Hornby, who discusses it in "Housekeeping vs. The Dirt" as one of his monthly reads. Easily one of the best books I've read in quite a while, along with the books I've already discussed.

Eyre Ward explores the dynamic of a family following the disappearance of a child--their pain, of course, but also their abortive attempts to move forward and just get on with their lives. It's told from various points of view-- sometimes through letters, sometimes through flashbacks, sometimes first-person narration (which, honestly, usually isn't my favorite, but it works here, I think...mostly because I didn't find myself constantly questioning/doubting the narrator).

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  1. I expect to see all these books in my package. Don't be fooled by thinking I am sitting around checking the mail every day searching for a packet. I am busy at the moment reading theory, English Writing 112 textbooks, and my own user documentation (Uck!). Take your time crafting the perfect bookage!