12 August 2007

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes...

suddenly look quite strange. Don't get me wrong: the relationship has seemed strange since it began. But now, the fresh, young, pretty Katie--sporting a layered sweater vest, pleated khakis, and dull, windblown soccer-mom hair--looks like a 40-year old British woman recently returned from horseback riding in the country. I thought Victoria Beckham was on top of this, and I really thought she was the gal for the job. I swear, a few weeks in Germany, and all of Posh's couture education has fallen right out of Katie's mediocre-coiffured head. Speaking of hair, Tom's new haircut is heinously, stupendously terrible and seems to emphasize his shortness (And what is with his outfit? He's either trying to imitate a frat-boy, or he's wishing that he sold real estate for a living...). The best looking one of them is baby Suri, with her to-die-for Burberry dress and adorable little-girl bob. Her parents should get some fashion tips from her stylist.

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