05 May 2009

What the Dead Know

by Laura Lippman

I just finished reading this book for a book club I just joined (please don't make fun of me). Excellent read, except that it ends a little too quickly and cleanly for me.

Plot: a cop contacts the driver of a car that caused a wreck, and she claims to be one of two sisters who went missing more than 30 years before, and who had been presumed dead. A huge investigation ensues, and of course, there is much consternation because no one can decide whether to believe her or not. We learn the whole story via first- and third-person flashbacks, but everything remains hazy and confusing enough to be interesting up until the big reveal. Like I said, it wraps up just a little too neatly and happily to sound realistic, but hey, that's why it's called fiction, right?

I'll be sure to fill you in on what my book club thinks of it; we meet in June.

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