05 May 2009


--a Russian film I recently went to see.

Yes, it's in Russian, and yes, there are subtitles...and yes, it's an excellent movie. Premise: basically, a updated (and Russian) version of 12 Angry Men, a classic play that was turned into an Academy Award-nominated movie starring Henry Fonda and a bunch of other guys who I'd recognize if I saw their pictures but whose names I can never remember. Suffice it to say that it's pret-ty much impossible to graduate from law school without seeing this film at least once.

So, I found myself a little bored on a random Thursday and took myself to the movies. Of course, as my readership may imagine, no one else on the planet (well, not in Scottsdale, anyway) wanted to spend their Thursday night viewing a foreign movie about a Chechen kid accused of murdering his adopted father, so I was alone in the theatre, save for a *really* strange fellow, dressed in plaid wool pants, who sat in front of me and talked at the screen for about 45 minutes, before muttering something about Russian accents and storming out.

Great film; I highly recommend that all of you see it. Don't worry: the subtitles stop being annoying after about 15 minutes.

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