24 May 2011

Fried plantains

AKA:  Yumminess, the likes of which you've never before experienced.  Nick taught me to make them during my visit.

Use coconut oil, which looks vaguely like Crisco when you buy it.  Heat it on top of the stove in a pretty sturdy pot until it liquifies and reaches a medium heat.

Use a mandoline or a food processor to turn your plantains into 1) very thin coin shapes, or 2) long, thin strips.  Plop them into the oil, and when they've browned on one side, flip them over.  They'll kind of start to float as they get done.

Nick wanted to try them with guacamole, which I think would have been really good.  Alas, all the avocadoes had gone bad, so we didn't get to make any.  We just sprinkled with salt while they were still hot, and they were SO good.

1 comment:

  1. Fried plantains! I love them. When I was first married I used to make them every now and then. Randy could never remember the word "plantain" so he just called them "your fancy bananas."