24 May 2011


I'm not sure whether it's because of what I do for a living (probably), or because I just love baby cuteness (probably), but I can't think of a time in recent memory when I've been quite as excited as I was on May 13 to leave for Indianapolis.  My best friend, who's like my sister, had a baby boy back in February, and finally, I got to go visit them!

Nikki and me in 2006, law school graduation.

Nikki and I lived together for five years, from our second year in undergrad all the way through her graduation, which was my first year in law school.  After she graduated, she moved to Indianapolis, and then about a year later, she and Nick (another high school friend of mine) got married.  Now that I live in Arizona and she still lives in Indianapolis, I haven't gotten to see her nearly as often as I would like to.  Phone calls and texting are great, but it's not the same...especially if you lived together for as long as we did.

My flight landed really late.  Nikki picked me up, and we got to spend a little time catching up during the drive to her house.  I went straight to bed, and the next morning, I got to meet Baby Wyatt!  Oh, my goodness, he looks like Nick and he is just the happiest little man!  In my five days there, I think he cried maybe twice, and aside from a minor poo-in-the-bathtub incident, it was all smooth sailing.  In fact, I'm certain that the bathtub/poo ordeal was *waaay* more bothersome for me and his mama (given that we were the ones who cleaned it up) than it was for him.  Wyatt stayed calm and happy through the whole thing.  Pretty sure he even laughed.

Look at this sweet face.  I couldn't stop kissing it.


My favorite picture.  I cannot get enough of those eyes!
Aunties are supposed to spoil the baby, right?

I had an amazing time, and I needed it so badly.  Nikki let me hold and snuggle him lots and lots.  I even got to try to feed him once, but that didn't go so well.  Wyatt is NOT a bottle baby, and he's not afraid to say so!  I wish the best of luck to his future daycare workers...  Better them than me, though; I can't handle how sad and forlorn he sounded when all he wanted was to nurse.

Work has been particularly stressful lately, and just smelling that sweet baby smell and listening to Wyatt's coos and giggles fed my spirit.  Already, I can't wait to go back.

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