30 April 2010

Ulta v. Sephora

I went to Ulta last weekend. Accidentally. I had been to Sephora already, but I forgot to buy the one thing that I went to Sephora to buy (though I more than made up for it in impulse purchases). Sephora is pretty far from my house, but there's an Ulta nearby. I'd never been to one, but I've heard they're basically the same.


Ulta was dark and kind of dirty. Everything was quite disorganized, and I had trouble finding anything. They were out of lots of stuff, so once I found the right area, I was still left digging through a bunch of mis-shelved crap, looking for what was really supposed to be there. To make matters worse, the employees just sort of stood around chatting with each other and never even asked me if I needed help. When I finally asked one of them if she'd help me find an item, she looked at me like I was *really* inconveniencing her.

Needless to say, I won't be back.

Except, the item I purchased (the Anastasia brown pen, below): I have to return it. It worked great for about 2 days, and then it stopped working. Clearly, the thing had been sitting there so long that it got old and dried out! Ugh. Very unsatisfied customer.


  1. My thoughts exactly. I hate having to go the Ulta in Tuscaloosa when I can't make it to Birmingham to Sephora. Incidentally, I went to Sephora yesterday (happiness) - at the Summit, where my favorite consultant, April, works. I'm really glad I don't live any closer to one because that would be trouble!

  2. Ditto. The monthly $5 off coupon I get in my InStyle magazine is not even enought to get me to go in there.