05 March 2013

GNC Be Beautiful Vitamins

I started taking these about two months ago after I read that Kristin Ess of The Beauty Department (she also does Lauren Conrad’s hair) recommends them. I got the chewable version because I always have trouble with vitamin pills making me feel sick. The chewables don’t, so that’s wonderful, and they taste alright, too.

Two months in, and my hair is growing like crazy. I just got my color done about four weeks ago, and the growth is already noticeable. Plus, I have to use hairspray on the crazy tiny baby hairs that I’m seeing pop up all over the place. My eyelash extensions damaged my natural lashes when I had them removed last fall, so I was anxious for them to grow back in. They’re definitely growing faster, but I’ve also been using Latisse since Christmas, which may account for that more than the vitamins.

My fingernails are growing, too, and I can tell that they’re stronger than usual and they don’t peel and split. I was having lots of problems with my skin being super dry this winter; my lips were peeling and bleeding, and my hands were just awful. I’ve noticed a significant difference in my skin texture since I’ve been taking the vitamins; at least there’s no more peeling or bleeding because that was painful.

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