01 December 2010

REN Skincare

I've been using these products for quite a few months now, and I was reserving judgment until I was certain, one way or another, how I felt about them.  Now, I can comfortably say that I love them.  I have "problem skin," and though I'm reluctant to admit that my skin is high-maintenance, I don't know why I should be surprised.  I mean, everything about me is high-maintenance, right?

The products are made using organic, natural ingredients and fewer chemicals.  There are no sulfates, no fragrances, no parabens, dyes, or animal byproducts.  Every ingredient is plant-derived.  Also, the company is green and they not only recycle, but they also donate a portion of the proceeds to promote a healthier environment.

So, yeah, the products are touchy-feely, and you get sorta' warm and fuzzy when you think about all the good you're doing by buying them.  That's nice, right, but do they work?  YES.

My favorite product is my cleanser:  Mayblossom Balancing Cleanser Gel.  I use it along with my Clarisonic, and I love that after I wash my face, my skin feels completely clean, but not at all dry or tight.

I'm also a big fan of the F10 Enzymatic Smooth Radiance Facial Mask.  It promises to exfoliate and detoxify, and leave your complexion smoother...and guess what?  It does.  The mask also contains Vitamin C, which is super good for your skin because it apparently combats free radicals (I don't even know what those are, but they just sound dangerous).

I've used so many skincare lines through the years, and the one thing that they all seem to have in common is inconsistency.  Maybe one will work for a few days, or even a whole month or so, but inevitably, I begin to have the same problems I've always had:  enlarged pores, sporadic break-outs, and dry spots around eyes and below my nose.  I haven't had a break-out in months, and I'm definitely starting to notice a real difference in my pores.  My laugh lines and crow's feet are diminishing, too.  I think the key, though, is the combo of REN's products with the Clarisonic.  REN works alright by itself, but alone, the results are nothing like what they are when I use them with the Clarisonic.

There are several other products that I'm dying to try, so I'll report back when I do.

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