26 March 2010

Clinique All About Eyes

Serum De-Puffing Eye Massage

A birthday gift from Amanda, along with the cutest little makeup bag you've ever seen (mine is red and lives in my purse, where it took the place of about three other smaller bags).

This is some amazing stuff. It sort of tingles when you apply it, and after about 15 minutes, those awful eye bags that I wake up with are GONE. Seriously. Thanks, Amanda!


  1. Glad you like it and the bag! I was hoping the bag would take the place of your ziploc, did it?

  2. Ha! Yes, it did. Although, in my defense, I must point out that the only reason I was carrying around a Ziploc was because of the airplane ride. Under ordinary circumstances, I had a bag for brushes, a bag for lip stuff, and a bag for powder, etc. Now, everything fits perfectly into the one bag, and there's no Ziploc to be found!