29 January 2010


I am, in general, a huge fan of LipFusion products. My favorite is the regular, non-tinted lip plumper (which is not a lip plumper at all, because I don’t use lip plumpers, and I love this product). When I was home at Christmas, I went shopping (and movie-watching) in the freezing weather with Amanda and Rebecca. Of course – of course – we stopped at Sephora, and I picked up a tube of INFATUATION, in Full Frontal (not lying, that really is the name of the color).

The color is fantastic: a sort of coral/neutral that becomes a little less intense after you wear it for about 15 minutes and turns to a very pretty, daytime color. Sephora bills the product as follows: “Discover the first liquid lip color with extraordinary Amplifat™ technology to increase and maintain body fat just where you need it most!” I don’ t know about all that, but I can say that it’s a nice lipgloss, though I notice no plumping whatsoever. I do notice, though, that it doesn’t clump together, the color doesn’t bleed, and the gloss lasts a while (considering that it’s gloss).

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