12 October 2008

The Wishbones

by Tom Perrotta

Alright, well, after a raving review of Little Children, I have to say that I was somewhat disappointed in this one. I snagged this book years ago, when a favorite former professor was cleaning out her own library (HCW, you know who you are) and had literally piles upon piles of books up for adoption. At the time, I hadn't heard of Tom Perrotta, but the plot sounded somewhat intriguing, so I took it and stuck in on my bookshelf. I admit that I've been a somewhat neglectful adoptive parent, because that's exactly where it has remained since then. Last week, I was digging around looking for something - ANYTHING - to read and found it. Until I saw it, I hadn't put two and two together. Imagine my excitement...and my subsequent disappointment.

So, long story short, not his best work (in my opinion, of course). But, I'm not giving up hope altogether.

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